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Currently, Sharnie undertaking postgraduate research focusing on the influence of diet on pelvic pain and dysmenorrhea among women with endometriosis.


Warm, welcoming, down to earth and practical, Sharnie focuses on the dietary management of conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health, menopause, gut health, and pre and post bariatric dietary modifications. Her clinical experience allows for a thorough analysis of diet, resulting in individualised recommendations and modifications to best manage your condition and achieve your health goals.  
Sharnie is passionate about empowering women to better manage their health through diet in order to be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. Her continued studies in the area of diet and endometriosis are a testament to her passion and active involvement in helping women to better manage their symptoms and achieve long lasting results.

Sharnie Dwyer, leading women’s health dietitian on the Gold Coast, is helping women of all ages nutritionally, hormonally and holistically to manage their symptoms and achieve their health goals. With first class honours and awards for clinical excellence in Nutrition and Dietetics, Sharnie brings clinical expertise as well as a compassionate approach to helping women.


Since graduating with degrees in both science (forensic) and nutrition and dietetics with first class honours, Sharnie has undertaken additional studies in bariatric nutrition, gut health, and is a Monash University FODMAP accredited practitioner. She has contributed to and presented research comparing nutritional outcomes of bariatric surgeries, and is a part of the editorial team for an upcoming book on the SADI gastric sleeve procedure. 


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